Frequently asked questions and part of answers.

Questions related to mold polishing

Q.How long is needed for polishing technique training?
A.We will propose a schedule to meet the required polishing level. As an example, it requires between 7 to 10 days for training from a basic level.
Q.How much does it cost for polishing technique training?

A.Contact us

1.Training is for seven hours per day.
2.Training fees are for a single trainee.

※When carrying out training at our company, Hashimoto Industry does not possess accommodation facilities. You can make your own arrangements for accommodation. Alternatively, there is a separate charge for use of company housing managed by Hashimoto Industry.

Questions related to mold welding

Q.Is welding possible with hard materials?
A.Welding is possible up to HRC58, but careful prior arrangements are necessary.
Q.Is it possible to carry out welding for aluminum?
A.We do not currently provide welding for aluminum.
Q.What is the maximum depth of hole for which welding can be handled?
A.This depends on the part being welded and the size of the opening, but for an opening of 10φ we can handle a hole up to a depth of around 10 mm.
Q.How big are the sink marks caused by heat?

A.As a general rule, these are as follows.

In the case of precision TIG welding – 2 μ to 3 μ
In the case of precision laser welding – 1 μ to 2 μ

※The size will change depending on the width (diameter) of the welding wire used for the work