What is technical support

Proposing technical guidance suitable for customer's purpose and task. Mold polishing from basis.Precision welding for molds basis.maintaining.maintenance etc...We will respond to a wide range of requests and provide technical guidance. ※For technical support, it is also possible to use the molds to be brought in. 「It is a special shape, I do not know how to mold polish」 etc...We will utilize our technology and knowledge to cooperate and also upgrade the skill of the polishing technique at the same time.

Purpose of technical support

Learning technology(Improvement of technology)

By mastering the foundation, it is possible to improve quality and shorten working time.

In-house production of mirror polishing and precision welding of molds(Cost reduction )

With technology improvement, you can do it inside the company without relying on outside.It leads to cost reduction.

Expanding orders(Increase sales)

It is possible to acquire new orders for mold polishing, mirror polishing, precision welding.

Before doing technical support


Experienced staff from Hashimoto Industry will provide technical polishing training, allowing your company’s polishing staff to handle troublesome polishing problems. As a general rule we ask that you visit our company for training, but we will also discuss the possibility of sending instructors to your company to carry out training there.


The work tools and consumable goods used during polishing training are the same used for mold polishing at our company, meaning you will be provided with the technical polishing know-how built up at Hashimoto Industry over many years.


We will make suggestions for training after making prior arrangements regarding the number of training days, necessary tools and consumable goods used during polishing in line with the type of polishing required by your company. We have launched a new service where you can purchase or rent from our company the required tools and pay only for the consumable goods actually used during training.

Technical welding instruction

Technical welding instruction is provided by adapting the content of instruction as necessary to suit your needs.

Technical polishing guidance schedule

We will propose a schedule to meet the required polishing level.

Information on technical guidance

Training will be AM 9: 00 ~ 5: 00 【7 hours / 1 day】. ※When carrying out training at our company, Hashimoto Industry does not possess accommodation facilities. You can make your own arrangements for accommodation. As for the cost, it depends on the contents of consultation. I will propose while considering your purpose and budget.Please feel free to contact us.

Customer opinions

In the past, Hashimoto Industry has provided technical polishing guidance for dozens of companies from Japan and overseas, and we have received excellent feedback on numerous occasions.

The quality of our mold polishing improved greatly and there were also improvements in polishing time.

Our mold outsourcing costs have been reduced dramatically by improving our internal manufacturing techniques.

By raising the level of our in-house manufacturing we are now able to accept orders for molds that we weren’t in the past and our work capacity has increased.