【Free release! Online molds polishing learning video !】Part1 STONE POLISHING (polishing the groundwork・rough polishing ) What is technical guidance at Hashimoto Industry doing?

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One of the service at Hashimoto Industry!
【Disclosure of technical guidance!!】
We have uploaded the video that states that we will provide the technical guidance for free if you don’t mind being taken the video.
We recruited because we can’t shoot easily by non-disclosure agreement in normal technical guidance.
We called out some of the applicants , and we were able to shoot this time!

we receive favorable reviews by many companies in technical guidance to provide our original molds polishing technology and precision welding technology.

The purpose varies depending on the customers , for example some people want to learn the technique and polish their molds in-house , or some people receive guidance for the improving their skills.

We provide wide range of technical guidance from overseas to domestic.)
Thank you for existing and new companies.

Please look at how the technical guidance at Hashimoto Industry is providing!

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