Intermold 2016 NAK 80

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Inter Mold 2016
April 20-April 23, 2016

It is a video introduced in our booth of the Inter mold 2016 The mirror polishing method of nak80.

Daido Steel Co.,Ltd. that cooperated.

Hashimoto Industry is an Osaka-based company with a proven track record in precision welding and mirror polishing.
We possess an unrivaled group of experts for manual precision padding and finishing processes, including mirror finishing, separable polishing and shape recovery, for a variety of molds from precision molds to medium-sized molds.
We also offer sales of polishing tools, such as grindstones produced using our abundant know-how, and offer technical support in mirror polishing and precision welding.

I have received a lot of high evaluation of the past dozens, including overseas Japan about the technical guidance ♪

Service Content
• Mold Mirror Polishing process
• Sales of polishing consumables, polishing tools and Hashimoto original products
[Wheel(Made In Japan), diamond paste, diamond powder, ceramic wheel, various oil, paper, s sheet, p sheet etc.]
Technical support for mold polishing and welding

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